Dyne's Top 10 Blue-haired RPG/Anime Bishoujo

The 10 who look cutest with the blue top

10: Luna (Lunar: The Silver Star)

Aside from the great job that the singer who did Luna's singing, it was the wisp of blue underneath her hat that caught my attention the most when I first played through Lunar. However, too bad she's always wearing that hat otherwise she'd most likely have a higher spot on this list.

9: Ryuuzaki Umi (Magic Knight Rayearth)

In case y'all didn't know, I do have an affinity for the blue-haired water-related bishoujo and Umi is no exception to that. It's how well her hair flows with her movements that earned her a spot on this list. Too bad her dub voice was butchered.

8: Rena Lanford (Star Ocean)

As both one of my favorite RPG girls of all-time it's no surprise to also see Rena on this list. I just can't imagine her in any other hair color.

7: Seena (Lufia: The Legend Returns)

Being the first character you actually see in the game, it was just a little more than her personality and what happens to her in the game that made her a favorite. Look at that artwork! Neverland blew my socks off with how great their official art for this game came out.

6: KOS-MOS (Xenosaga)

While I was a little behind in getting on the Xenosaga bandwagon (got Episode I two months before Episode II came out) there was always something about KOS-MOS that intruiged me from the beginning. And, in all honesty, who couldn't like her hair? Ooo... shiny.

5: Mizuno Ami (Sailormoon)

No, I'm not betraying my all-time favorite anime bishoujo by giving her a lower spot in this list. The only reason she's here is because her style changes numerous times throughout the anime and in several episodes the animators ruined it. It it always stayed like it is in her picture, she'd be #1 again in here.

4: Lucia (Lunar: Eternal Blue)

See what I meant about what I said about Luna up there? Lucia's hair is definitely her most prominent feature and definitely what makes her look the most beautiful. Though I had to flip a coin to decide which picture to use because she looks great in both her uniform and her casual outfit.

3: Maehara Shinobu (Love Hina)

I feel like I have a special bond with Shinobu-chan because I know how she felt at the beginning of the series when she felt like an outcast. But her typical anime cutegirl attitude is what makes me fall into my amusing "Fanboy Mode" when I see her. Shinobu-chan no kawaii!

2: Kamiya Kaoru (Rurouni Kenshin)

I don't know what I can say about Kaoru-donno other than she was a big inspiration for Aremi's design. She's got the perfect shade of blue for her hair and looks smashing in her kimono. Despite a few mood swings, she's one beautiful woman I wouldn't mind watching for a long time.
And the Number One Blue-haired Bishoujo is...

Maria Traydor (Star Ocean: Till the End of Time)

Never before had I seen anime blue-haired cutie with her hair as fitting with her outfit and style as Maria's until I played SO3. I don't know if it's her outfit colors or that little wisp that hangs over her shoulder and looks to be impossible to put back no matter how much she moves in the game, but I put her in my party right away and kept her there just so I could see that blue hair as much as possible. And, to this day, her ending when paired with Fate is still the best one.

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