Dyne's Top 10 RPG Bishoujo

No one ever said cute girls were a bad thing, no matter where they're from.

10: Virginia Maxwell (Wild ARMs 3)

The gun-toting main character from the 3rd installment of Wild ARMs has made it into this list for two big reasons: First is that her accuracy is the best I've ever seen for someone shooting two guns at once, she never missed at all when I went through the game. Second is her speed, Wild ARMs 3 is the hardest one in my opinion and I can't tell you guys how many times she saved my party's life by using Mystic and a healing item before the enemies could finish 'em off.

9: Tifa Lockheart (Final Fantasy VII)

Aside from a couple of the more obvious reasons, Tifa deserves to be on here for more than those. As a fighter in Final Fantasy 7, she'd have to be decribed as one of the more unique ones because of her Limits. Ever gotten Yeah! on all 7 slots when she's at Level 99, does 9999 each time. Also aside from her butt-kicking skills I can't help but admire her loyalty and honesty, even if she doesn't have much confidence in herself as a leader.

8: Rena Lanford (Star Ocean 2)

I put the game Rena in this list instead of the Anime bishoujo list for the primary reason that the Enix artowrk of her is better than the Anime artwork. Putting that aside, Rena is easily one of the more useful characters in Star Ocean 2 mainly because she's your primary healer for more than half the game, which more than makes up for her lack of melee fighting skills. Along with that, she's just somone I also have to admire because of her loyalty. The reason she beat out Tifa is because of the blue hair :D

7: Barbara (Dragon Quest VI)

Who is she and why is she here? I'll tell you. Barbara is a sorceress from Dragon Quest VI, and for you poor saps who haven't played it yet, get it! Anyway, Barbara is someone I can relate with in the shyness department and it's kind of sad what happens to her in the ending of the game. But she's my favorite DQ6 character because she's the only one who can learn Mandate (the best spell in the game) without having to learn it from a hidden job (which is a pain to get).

6: Ayla (Chrono Trigger)

Another Akira Toriyama character makes this list. If there's one word to describe Ayla, it's "determined." I have to laugh every time I play through the game because of her "go get 'em" without thinking attitude. Plus she's the only character in the game who doesn't need to rely on magic, makes things too easy if you ask me.

5: Rikku (Final Fantasy X)

I can't tell you how glad I was when I got Rikku in my party as a permanent member when I played through FFX the first time. Because until you get her, YOU CAN'T STEAL! Anyway, Rikku defenitely provides some of the most useful skills in the game, especially customizing your weapons. Two more reasons why she's here: she's hot and she's got the coolest eyes of any RPG character.

4: Princess Nina (Breath of Fire II)

Nina's always been my favorite Breath of Fire II character and she quickly found a place in this Top 10 for the same reasons she's my fave in the game. Unlike all the other Ninas, she relies entirely on magic for her regular attacks and she's got the coolest set up of spells to learn naturally in gaining levels. Plus she's not stuck with one particular element when learning new magic. Finally, you can't beat the coolness of those black wings.

3: Arche Krane (Tales of Phantasia)

Two words to describe Arche: "cute" and "hilarious." Her big mouth often gets her in trouble with the other characters but it gives me a great laugh. I don't know how many of you guys have played the Playstation remake of Tales of Phantasia, but there is an option where the characters can have audio conversations on the world map and not only does Arche have a perfect seiyuu, but the times when she taunts Chester are priceless, even if you don't understand the language.

2: Terra Branford (Final Fantasy VI)

Raise your hand if you've been waiting for a Final Fantasy VI character, well here she is. Anyway, ever since I started playing the game, Terra's been my favorite female in it. Not only is her being half-esper extremely cool, but I think she's the character in the game who goes through and overcomes the most problems. Even though she doesn't understand several aspects of the world, especially love, she doesn't stop until she finds it, even though she loses her will to fight for a while. If I were one of those kids, I'd give her a hug right now.
And the Number One RPG Bishoujo is...

Rydia (Final Fantasy IV)

Surprised? Rydia is my Number One for several reasons: Final Fantasy IV was the first RPG that really got me hooked on the genre of games and Rydia helped to play a big part of that. She may start out very weak as a physical fighter, but her spells in both white and black magic more than make up for it. When she fell off the ship after Leviathan's attack I was extremely mad because she was one of the few black magic users in any RPG I heavily rely on. I wasn't too mad that she loses her white magic ability because of her Summoning powers. Aside from her sorcery abilities, Rydia has also got one of the best personalities of any Final Fantasy female, after all she can make friends with monsters and tell Edge off at the same time. And even though the graphics of FF4 aren't as sophisticated as 10, I still say she has the best close-up of any character and is therefore, the most beautiful of any of the girls in the series. Kudos to you, Rydia-chan!

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