Dyne's Top 10 RPG Series

The games that have occupied 75% of my life.

10: Phantasy Star (Sega)

This is one of the more underrated RPG series out there and people often say that each game (especially number 2) is too hard and dull. But isn't that what RPGs are about? A good challenge? Lately I've found that most RPGs today are too easy, so it's nice to go back to a game where you have to take long times to build up money and levels. And despite what people might think, I say the entire series has some of the coolest characters in any RPGs.

9: Chrono Trigger/Cross (Square)

This series is nothing less than a masterpiece, especially Tigger. It was the first RPG with any kind of New Game + option as well as a high number of multiple endings. The battle systems rock, the spell effects are great, and the cast is one of the most diverse in RPG history. This is also one of the few series where there is continuity between each of the story lines, but the hero is part 2 is NOT related in any way to the hero in part 1.

8: Star Ocean (Enix)

I'm sure a lot of people have played Star Ocean 2, and if you liked it, I highly HIGHLY recommend trying to get your hands on the original Star Ocean as well as Blue Sphere. The Private Action sequences, the characters' affection ratings for each other, and the way you choose who you take throughout the game is definitely original. Has anyone beaten Number 2 with just Claude and Rena? Good luck.

7: Earthbound/Mother (Nintendo)

The Earthbound series is perhaps the most original RPG series in history. Nintendo took the concept of the Role Playing Game to not a medieval setting, not a futuristic setting, but a modern-day small town setting. Even the monsters and the people you talk to are things you could experience in real life. I have run into weird people who want singers' autographs on banana peels or people who use teddy bears as shields. It's great!

6: Dragon Quest (Enix)

The original Dragon Quest was the first RPG made for the NES and in my opinion, the hardest. Enix had a lot to learn about how to make an RPG be hard, but not overdo it. It didn't happen until Number 3, but what are you going to do? DQ was the first series where your characters could change their job classes and provided a new and original mehtod for learning abilities. The spells have stayed pretty much the same throughout the series, but that doesn't change the fact that each of the games rock!

5: Seiken Densetsu/Secret of Mana (Square)

How many all-nighters have I pulled in playing through all four games in this series? I don't know, but I jsut can't stop playing 'em! With the more real-time action of fighting and gaining levels, the SD series is an excellent combination of Zelda and Final Fantasy. It really gives a new perspective on the "real-time" fighting system.

4: Breath of Fire (Capcom)

Yet another series where I've pulled several all-nighters in playing. A friend of mine showed me the game and did a dungeon that's about halfway through the game. I borrowed his copy and in 3 days, I was way past him. The rest of the games in the series are no different as I've played and replayed each one multiple times.

3: Wild ARMs (Sony)

Another nice series that takes some new ideas and original battle systems to a new level. My cousin first rented Wild ARMs soon after it came out, by the end of the week, both of us had gotten our own copies. The ARMs, magic system, and guns (especially in #3) plus the extremely great Western theme make this series one to never forget.

2: Lufia/Estopolis (Natsume)

Perhaps the most underrated RPG series in the history of gaming. I think I've gone through Lufia II more times than any other game. The series may seem simple, but that's what I like. How many games have you seen lately where you have to buy your spells or can choose an extra AI-controlled ally at will. While number II is my favorite in the series, the other three are nothing to sneeze at. Second to my number 1, this series has the best music ever.
And the Number One RPG Series is...

Final Fantasy (Square)

Yeah, I know, you all saw this coming. while a Final Fantasy wasn't the first RPG I ever played (Dragon Quest 1 was), it was a Final Fantasy that got me absolutely hooked on RPGs. A friend of mine loaned us FF4 (US) and at the time I thought it had the best graphics and effects out of any game I'd ever played. There was one small problem: I didn't know you could save your game. So when I got all the way up to Milon and died, I thought I'd never get that far again. But my friend explained the whole system and soon I was playing every single new Final Fantasy as it came out. I've beaten every single one that's beatable. Number VI will probably forever be my all-time favorite RPG. Viva Final Fantasy!

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