King Bahamut's Top 10 RPGs

10: Final Fantasy Tactics

Odd how it has better ratings than number 9...

Story 5/5 - Very well done

Characters 4/5 - Pretty good.

Music 3/5 - Average, thats about it.

Gameplay 4/5 - Pretty good

9: Breath of Fire II

Story 3.75/5 - Almost great, better than above average.

Characters 4.5/5 - The characters were great in this game.

Music 4/5 - I like the music in the game.

Gameplay 3.5/5 - I liked it, not to bad not that great though.

8: Bahamut Lagoon

Story 4/5 - Very well done yada yada.

Characters 4/5 - Great, but not excellent.

Music 3/5 - Good, but not great.

Gameplay 4/5 - Better than many, not as good as some. I like it personally.

7: Final Fantasy VII

Yes I know people will hate me for this.

Story/Plot 4/5 - One thing to say: The story is good, but vastly overrated.

Characters 4/5 - What no 5? Well first of Cait sith has only 2 seconds of development, Cid has no real development, Barret doesn't have much, Cloud and Tifa have the most and even then it isn't much more than Red XII's, Vincent's, and even Yuffie's. Also Sephiroth wasn't evil enough, and Jenova didn't speak enough to be the main bad guy..girl...thing. HOWEVER the characters do have their own unique, and good personalities.

Music 4/5 - Very well done on a few select tracks, but most of them are only above average.

Gameplay 3/5 - Average, like most Final Fantasy games.

Honestly, I used to consider it the best. Then I realized I was a fanboy, then I started to dislike it. Then I realized I was whatever the opposite of a fanboy is, so I then judged in unbiasedly.

6: Suikoden II

Story 5/5 - This is why I like Suikoden II, excellent story, very well done. I'm running out of ways to compliment the plot since I am working from number 1 down.

Characters ?/5 - I had trouble rating Suikoden II on characters, probably due to the sheer number of them. Many good ones, even more bad, I can't say too much really.

Music 4/5 - I like the music, end of story.

Gameplay 3/5 - Good gameplay, but all in all it's a clone of the first which costs browny points.

5: Final Fantasy VI

Story/Plot - 5/5 Like all of the other games from 6 and up, the plot is excellent. Not much else to say.

Characters 4.5/5 - One of the shining points of FF6. Celes, Gau, Sabin, Edgar, Terra, Locke, Cyan, Shadow, and even Kefka all have their own backgrounds and personalities. Though some aren't that great, such as Umaro, and Gogo, for the most part they are rather good.

Music 5/5 - Like all FFs this game has great music, Nobuo is a master at his craft. Third best music in an FF, though if they actually redid the music with an orchestra then it would easily be best. Though the PSX remake only included touch-ups and no real remake of the music, sadly.

Gameplay 3/5 - It was average, like most Final Fantasy games.

4: Shadow Hearts II

Story/Plot 5/5 - The only reason I liked Shadow hearts II was the story, which of course was very very good. Though slightly worse than the originals, it is still very good. There are many good parts, ecspecially the 'romance' plot, also the ending was great.

Characters 3.5/5 - It has Yuri, but even with him the characters just... aren't that good. Some don't even get much development, like the fortune teller lady I never once used. Also Joachim is annoying as hell.

Music 4.5/5 - Great music, goes very good with the story and enhances the moment like music should.

Gameplay - 3/5 - Aside from the combo system and a couple of additions it isn't that different from Shadow Hearts.

3: Lufia II

Story/Plot 5/5 - This and gameplay is where Lufia II shines. The story is excellent, sometimes even better than that. It has a good romance, action, comedy, and all that good junk. Though it would have been 8 times better had I not played Lufia first. PLAY LUFIA II BEFORE PLAYING LUFIA, LUFIA CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS FOR LUFIA II. I actually played Lufia II first, which is why I like the story so much.

Characters - 4.5/5 - This is one of the parts I like about Lufia II, each of the characters is well done, each with their own little quirks. Though the characters are good, something about them just seems off, which is why they don't get a 5.

Music 3/5 - This is the only part where Lufia II isn't that good, it has a few good themes, but none that great. Overall it's average. Call me a music nazi.

Gameplay - 5/5 I cannot stress the importance of good gameplay enough, and Lufia II has great gameplay. Though it may rip off Zelda in several ways, Zelda has awesome gameplay so it doesn't bother me. Of course in battle it is nothing like Zelda. The game is hard as hell in certain parts, though the final bosses are a bit easy it's still great.

2: Xenogears

Story/Plot 5/5 - Probably the best story on the list, great plot where you have no clue what the hell is going on even at the end. It would take at least 10 paragraphs to explain the whole plot, which is one reason the game is great. I'd go into more detail, but I don't wanna.

Characters 5/5 - The characters in this game are excellent, each one has their own background which is very well done. Even that pink fluff thing, though his is only average. This is one of the reasons Xenogears is so great. The character development of Fei alone matches some of the other games (FF7) as a whole, thats not even mentioning Billy, Bart, and Elly.

Music 5/5 - Very good music, I can't say much else.

Gameplay - 3.5/5 - Good gameplay in and out of battle. Some good maps and puzzles, nothing much to say. The gameplay isn't why I like Xenogears
And the Number One RPG is...

Shadow Hearts

Story/Plot 5/5 - An excellent plot of course, why else is it number 1? The plot is the second best on the list, though the story isn't everything, it is 80% of an RPG in my opinion. The ending is one reason I like it so much, a great ending. Though the ending can vary, of course I prefer the good ending but the bad ending is the better one, and the one Shadow Hearts II continues from.

Characters 5/5 - This is one reason I like Shadow hearts so much, not only is Yuri a kickass main character, but everyone else is good as well. Each has their own background, though some need better ones. What I really like about each character is how deep their personalities seem.

Music 4/5 - Shadow Hearts has great music, though by itself the music is only good. Combined with the moment it is very well done.

Gameplay 4/5 - Shadow Hearts has very good gameplay, in and out of battle. The only thing I find somewhat annoying is the fact EVERYTHING is based on the Judgement ring. Though it is a good system, it is kind of annoying when you suck at it like I do. Luckily there is some variance to the judgement ring, if there weren't then I'd give the gameplay a 3.

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