_SW_Squall's Top 10 Fanfictional Characters

10: Cait Sith's Friend

Alright, he may not get the best line, but heís there when there needs to be comedic relief. Or, in the case of the Saga, Dyne and Dave are just trying to make you pass out from laughing so hard. He has a slight history, but a tequila addicted man who wears a cat mask? He got everyone for originality.

9: Steve

Alright, another original one, almost like Caitís Friend except switch the tequila addiction to a porn/babe addiction, and switch his line to ďBABES!Ē Not much of a background, but heís only meant for the comedic fics. The ways he can die.

8: Bob, the Son of Sephiroth

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Alright, this one was unexpected. Sephy procreating? Somethings should never have come to be, but Iím glad this did. Not a terrible background, and a nice comedic relief.

7: The Geeky Guy

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Alright, a doppleganger isnít really original, but heís still pretty funny when his mask is removed. I kinda feel sorry for him though.

6: Evector

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Well, funny when he gets into the battle with Red in Villain's Inc. A transformed Heiddger is a pretty scary thing too.

5: Rojo Dieciseis

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A little hard to understand, but if youíve taken spanish, this guy is funny. The manner of his death is usually......unpleasant.

4: Lark Leah

A quasi-original character. Lark got pretty much all the attacks, and the weapon from Terry Brooksí Sword of Shannara series. But a good character, with a damn good background, and pretty good in the comedic fics.

3: Kevin Darkangel

A good character, a little unbalanced, but with a nice background, and good originality. I like the way heís set up. Makoknight did a pretty good job.

2: Dav Cole

One of the better characters Iíve found. Not too bad for originality, except for the limit break. Many people (including me, I admit) use the ultra-powerful multi hit limit as their final one. But this oneís done pretty well, and is used at the best times in comedic fics. A good background, and nice development.
And the Number One Fanfictional Character is...

Ikimono Kohei

Ok, before I get some serious flaming for not choosing Dav, let me make my points. This is Dyne's most original character to date. He has a very good background, and a nice description. I chose him because heís original, and he follows one of the main rules of making a original character. Never let the original character be more powerful than the main character.

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