_SW_Squall's Top 10 RPGs

10: Bahamut Lagoon

I absolutely loved this game when I first got it translated. Growing your own Dragons? Raising them and watching them execute super-powerful attacks to aid you in battle? I was in love. The storyline's kinda linear, bu the music and graphics are pretty good for it's time. And the Dragon system was awsome. This is a definite must get, if you can.

9: Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time

Another good Zelda game, this one was the first on the N64. I liked the whole time travel idea, and the puzzles and mini-quests you could do helped this game a lot with the playing value. I loved hearing the revamped classic Zelda music, and the graphics were good. A sure hit.

8: Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past

This was my favorite RPG at one time, way back before I knew what RPG's were. It's still a good game even today, with some pretty good puzzles, a damn good combat system, and freedom of exploration, this game will forever be one of my favorites.

7: Final Fantasy VI

Well, another Square game. This one is actually tied with BOF III for my 6th fav, but I had to choose the Dragons. Yet another example of Square's awesome RPG programming abilities, in addition to better graphics, a kick ass magic system, and the little sister of FFVII's Limit Breaks. They're actually more akin to FFVIII's, but that's beside the point. Music was awesome, a definite improvement from FFIV and V.

6: Breath of Fire III

Another non-Square. This game is made by Capcom, the same company that makes Street Fighter and all those others. This game always, for some reason, starts a blue-haired guy who can turn into a dragon whose name is always Ryu, and a blonde girl with wings named Nina. Well, I like this game because of the way you choose your dragon form. You have 'Genes', which you can combine to make super-powerful dragons, or super wimpy ones. Again, a good storyline, but the music and sound could have used a little tweaking. Plus, the camera can really get on your nerves at times. Still, it's a good game.

5: Diablo II

Wow, a non-Square game! Diablo II is a sequel to Diablo, a game where you basically go through this desecrated monastery and kill Diablo. This spans a much greater playing field, giving you 4 (5 with the Expansion) full worlds to explore and hunt demons in. With 5(7 w/expansion) classes to choose from, this game is awesome. And that's just single player! The game really blooms in the multiplayer option over battle.net, a free service, and a great way to play.

4: Xenogears

What do you get when you cross Gundam, Square, and a kickass battle system? Xenogears. Another non-FF Square game, this one had big 'Gears' you got to ride around and kick ass in. The combat system featured awesome combos called 'Deathblows' that you unlocked as you went through the game. The game itself has a very compelling storyline, and the Gears. Especially Xenogears, the Gear the game is named after. How many games have a huge mech with energy blade wings? None, that's just it. Also had about an hour or so of anime cutscenes that were very well acted, as well as music done by the famous Yasunori Mitsuda (Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross).

3: Chrono Trigger

Another by Square. This was one of Square's first deviations from the Final Fantasy series into another type of game. Spanning time, this game was the popular subject of much debate on the storyline, and lets not mention the whole cool moving through the space time continuam. This game is the perfect example of a well set up program, especially the music.

2: Final Fantasy IV

Who could forget this timeless classic? The second Final Fantasy released in the US, and one of the first RPG's for the SNES. This was my first RPG I ever played, and is still my favorite. The storyline is pretty good for the point in which Square was at in their RPG career, and everyone has to love the chars. Especially Kain. Dragoons are awsome.
And the Number One RPG is...

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII was, and still is my favorite for a variety of reasons. One, the storyline. Unforgettable. We all remember the bike chase through the streets of Midgar. And still, six years after it's release, Aeris' death is still seen as one of the most moving scenes in a video game. The graphics, although by today's standard, suck, were some of the most advanced back when it was first released in 1997. The Materia system was one of the best Magic systems I've seen in a RPG, and I loved the weapons. One of the best things about the battle system was the Limit Break system, which I found a big help in boss battles (OMNI-SLASH!). The characters were some of the best developed in a RPG, with many interesting twists in the character development. The only thing I can think of that wasn't that good was the fact that the sound and music weren't yet to the more advanced synthesizers. Even then, Mr. Uematsus' music was awesome, especially if you download the orchestrated versions. This is, and probably forever will be, my #1 favorite.

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