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6/23/08: Dang, it's really been a long time. I won't go into details on everything that happened between the loss of my last host and now, but it'll suffice for now to say that the site and I are still alive. I've been gathering materials over the past 2 years to add. While I don't have everything yet, I'll get them up and do an official grand re-opening update at that time. Currently I'm considering an overhaul of some sections to use a php-based system rather than manually code everything myself. I hope to get everything done within a week or so.

10/8/06: Phew, in my attempts to graduate from college this December I got so incredibly busy that I had time for absolutely nothing else. As it turns out, I decided to lighten up my load and wait until April to graduate, thus giving me some free time to finally work on some projects for this place. First of all, there are about 14 new midis and a slight re-design of Biggs' Radio waiting for you all, a new poll for the first time in almost a year, a new review in Cloud's Editorials (first one in 2 1/2 years), a new member, Inverse, for the Anti-Pikachu Club, and- last but not least- 155 new pics for Costa Del Sol Memories. Have fun~!

8/20/06: Life caused me to miss the site's birthday again, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate with 101 new pics, totalling 2560, in Costa Del Sol Memories and one new fanart in Red's Collection. Enjoy~!

7/28/06: Haven't had time to look for a whole lot of stuff for the site, but I did get my hands on 131 new pics for Costa Del Sol Memories over the past few weeks.

7/2/06: I'm back at school again so time's not very available. There are 97 new pics in Costa Del Sol Memories though. People in the US, Have a happy Independence Day!

6/4/06: Got a good one today with updates in actually more than two sections. Getting right to the point, there are 25 new midis in Biggs's Radio, 3 new fanarts in Red's Collection, 1 new pic in the Anti-Pikachu Gallery, and 140 new pics in Costa Del Sol Memories. Among that, I'm doing little bits and pieces of cleanup and improvement to the site's layout.

5/20/06: I'm done with school for another year and I just finished helping my parents move, so I'll have a lot more time for a month once we finish the last bit of details. I hope to do a few big updates between now and then.

4/16/06: Well, it was one of those semesters that kept me from doing anything else, but since this is the last weekend before finals and I have most of my assignments done I actually had time to add the stuff I've been accumulating over the past two months. There are 64 new/replaced midis in Biggs's Radio and 119 new pics for Costa Del Sol Memories of which, the total has now broken 2,000.

2/12/06: This is going to be a 2-part update, the fanart and midis will come later because, for now, I finally finished reorganizing Costa Del Sol Memories, removing duplicates, moving pictures into more suitable galleries, and updating some with better quality versions. By the way, did I mention that it's also the single largest update in its history with 617!!! new pics in all galleries? Didn't think so. Enjoy!

1/18/06: Got some good news and bad news: The good news is I have a lot of stuff to update with, the bad news is I don't have time to do it yet. Also before the next big update I'll be doing a little re-arranging in both the midis and swimsuits sections (getting rid of duplicates, replacing files with better qualitiy ones, etc.). But don't worry, it will be worth it!

12/18/05: Since I don't expect to be doing much for this place over the next two weeks, I decided to update with what I've got, which is 11 new pics for a few galleries in Costa Del Sol Memories.

12/11/05: While I was hoping to have more stuff for the update, I have to get it up as it's the last update of this year (kinda hard to when all my files are left at school while I'm home for Christmas). Anyway, enjoy the 8 new RPG midis in Biggs's Radio and 46 new pics in all galleries of Costa Del Sol Memories.

12/4/05: Got a ton of stuff to do thanks to life and not a whole lot for the update, so check back next week.

11/20/05: Well after not being around to update for the past two weekends, I'm hoping to get back on track, and there's a lot of new stuff in order to help that happen. First of all, AngelofCruxis of Xenoskull have joined the ranks of the Pikachu Haters' Club, there are 2 new fanarts in Red's Collection, 1 new Top 10 List, about 30 new RPG midis in Biggs's Radio, and 32 new pics for Costa Del Sol Memories.
Given the fact that Thanksgiving Break is this week, I won't be here to update next weekend either...

10/30/05: Things weren't as slow this week since there are 6 new fanarts for Red's Collection along with the 10 new pics in Costa Del Sol Memories. There won't be an update next weekend as I won't be around, so hopefully in two weeks I'll have a lot more stuff, including some midis.

10/23/05: Another slow week for the site: 20 new pics for Costa Del Sol Memories.

10/16/05: It was a slow week in terms of everything except the 33 new pics in Costa Del Sol Memories, so go ahead and enjoy those and I might have something more up later.

10/9/05: Yep, I was home this weekend and thus able to provide an update. First, welcome to Bakura/Colin and Sakura to the Pikachu Haters Club, and, moving along the list, there are 5 new fanarts in Red's Collection, 15 new RPG midis for Biggs's Radio, and 22 new pics for Costa Del Sol Memories. School is starting to really get hectic so updates may be bi-weekly for the next while.

9/30/05: Hey all, this update is just a message saying that I'll be out of town and away from my computer this weekend, so there will either be no usual weekly update or (if I get the time to do it), it will happen on Monday. Look forward to a new sub-section in Dyne's Profile along with the usual great stuff.

9/25/05: Make sure you're sitting down because this update's going to blow you away! First, we got the usual- 4 new fanarts in Red's Collection, 2 new wallpapers in Komiki's Korner, and 13 new midis in Biggs's Radio, plus we wish to welcome Reilon Imura into the Pikachu Haters' Club. So yeah, that's all good and fun, but it gets even better: check out the Hall of Shame to witness the stupidity of its first double-entrant then prepare to spend time in Costa Del Sol Memories because there are a grand total of 281 new pics! Not a bad jump from last week, huh?

9/18/05: Well my birthday was this past Friday so I was spending more time doing other things than working on the site, so there isn't much in this update other than 6 new fanarts in Red's Collection and a couple new wallpapers/buttons in Komiki's Korner. It was also a slow week in general for midis and swimsuit pics so I'll let what I've got carry over into the next update.

9/11/05: Got another typical update for today, but hey, it's better than nothing: Biggs's Radio holds 28 more midis than it did before, 11 new pics for Red's Collection, and 13 new pics in Costa Del Sol Memories. You might've noticed all of the Fan buttons on the index page when you came in. I've been taking a lot of button requests for original characters at boards I hang out at. I happen to like a lot of 'em myself. ^_^

9/4/05: I decided to try and get back to weekly updates as much as possible and I'll work to get them up on the Saturday or Sunday of each week, depending on how much new stuff there is, today there's a good amount. Check Biggs's Radio for 27 new RPG Midis, Red's Collection for a few new pieces of fanart, Costa Del Sol Memories for 14 new pics, Komiki's Korner for 3 new wallpapers, and the first new pic in a while for the Anti-Pikachu Gallery.

8/27/05: Well I'm back at college and classes start on Monday so I figured I'd put up what I got as I'm not going to have a lot of time to look for new stuff for this place. What there is: All galleries updated with a total of 56 new pics in Costa Del Sol Memories, 25 new/replaced RPG midis in Biggs's Radio, and one new submission in Red's Collection.
(2): Because I don't like 'em anymore I removed the two existing wallpapers I spliced in Komiki's Korner, until I make better versions, but there is a new one in there too.

8/20/05: I found out it's basically impossible to go through three different strategy RPGs multiple times in just "a few days." Anyway, to make up for the missed anniversary update, there's a TON of new stuff. First, welcome to our newest Anti Pikachu Club member, SmK, don't forget to check out the new poll on the main page, then head over to Red's Collection for a few new pieces of fanart, continue on to Biggs's Radio for about 80 new midis, Tifa's Eye Candy for 450 new pics, Costa Del Sol Memories for 30 new bathing beauty pics, Komiki's Korner for (of course) new pics, and finally, finish up with the Hall of Shame to laugh at a couple new idiots' attempts to flame me. Now excuse me while I go pass out from coding all this.

8/12/05: Well I'm currently kicking myself over the fact that I just now realized that the site's 7th anniversary was four days ago. I don't have anything ready right now but I'll try to get stuff within the next couple of days.

7/19/05: Dang, and here I thought I'd get more time while home for the summer (ha ha ha), but nonetheless I spent the past time slowly gathering enough stuff for one today. There are 3 new fanarts in Red's Collection and 31 new pics in various galleries for Costa Del Sol Memories.

6/23/05: I've been back from vacation for a while but haven't had a lot of time to get stuff for updates so I'll just settle with the 54 new pics for Costa Del Sol Memories that I picked up over the past few weeks.

6/4/05: While I was hoping to accumulate as much stuff as possible for today's update before I left on vacation, I wasn't able to get much more than about 35 new pictures for Costa Del Sol Memories in a few of the galleries. See you'uns in two weeks!

5/19/05: Got another good one for today. There are exactly 103 new pictures for Costa Del Sol Memories that cover all of the galleries, but over 3x the amount of that in 12 new/updated galleries for Tifa's Eye Candy with exactly 369 new pics total in there!

5/8/05: I'd say today's update is more-or-less massive. There are 205 new midis in both sections of Biggs's Radio, 90 new pictures in all galleries of Costa Del Sol Memories, and 3 brand-spankin' new Top 10 Lists!

4/27/05: All right, finals are completely done, I've moved back home, and I have the following for this update: 5 new pics in Red's Collection, 25 new pics for Costa Del Sol Memories, and a small handful of RPG midis for Biggs's Radio.

4/13/05: The past few weeks have been spent slowly accumulating things for this update and I didn't have "enough" until now. So, to celebrate the end of my latest semester at college check out the following: 1 new fanart in Red's Collection, 20 new pics in Costa del Sol Memories, 32 new midis in Biggs's Radio, and 3 updated galleries in Tifa's Eye Candy. Once finals are done I can finally get back to work on fics and other projects.

3/23/05: Have you guys noticed that whenever I open a new section on the site, it gets all the attention for several updates? But then again, about 90 new pics in all but the Black & White galleries of Costa Del Sol Memories isn't bad at all, right?

3/19/05: Well kind of a small update tonight. Only 203 new pics for Costa Del Sol Memories.

3/15/05: I've decided to start a series of small projects that should keep the site interesting as you continually browse through it each time you visit, but for now check out the brand new section, Costa Del Sol Memories! I'm hoping this one will be a real winner, and with 151 pics to start it out it should be a good sign. Enjoy!

3/10/05: Well the updates are back to their normal delays. There are three new pics for Red's Collection, 30 new midis in Biggs's Radio, and a new poll.

2/18/05: Okay, I'm leaving the contest results page up for a while but I have moved all of the entries, plus 2 more pics, into Red's Collection. Aside from that, there are 20 new midis in both the RPG and Anime sections of Biggs' Radio.

2/12/05: The Fanart Contest is now 100% over! Head there to see the winners! The full versions of each pic will be added into the fanart gallery in the next update. Thanks again to everyone who helped out and participated.

2/9/05: All of the contest entries are in and the judging has begun. There'll be a full update once the results are in.

2/2/05: While the Fanart Contest is technically closed, there are a few people who have completed their entries but haven't been able to get them to me. I'm giving them a week to get them to be, then it will be officially closed.

1/30/05: Okay, time to start a new update's page so if you look in the archives and see only one update (this one), don't panic. Anyway, updates were slow this month because of the usual: school and the like. Though tonight felt I had enough come in to warrant one more update before the Fanart contest ends. There are about 40 new RPG midis in Biggs's Radio and three new fanarts in Red's Collection.

Dig deeper: 6 years of work await you!

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