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(:) = Recommended by Dyne
@ = Recommended by Cid
A = Recommended by Aeris
CB = Recommended by Cloud B.
D = Recommended by Dave
"." = Recommended by Kasshan
->-- = Recommended by MakoKnight
-K- = Recommended by Kit
E = Recommended by Osiris
_SW_ = Recommended by _SW_Squall


AVALANCHE Election Day

By Kit. The AVALANCHE team have futuristic experience as they decide who to vote for in the upcoming election. (:), E

Cait's Insanity 1+1

Sephiroth has a child and it's up to those stupid AVALANCHE cows to stop Bob, the son of Sephiroth! Written by Cait Sith. D, ->--, E, @, _SW_

Celebrity Deathmatch 2!

A hilarious fic by Cloud. The FF7 characters face off with several cameos to the death! (:), CB, D, ->--, -K-, E, @, _SW_

Celebrity Deathmatch 3!

A co-project by Cloud, Cait, Dyne, Dave, Kasshan, and Lark! The wildest deathmatches since Celebrity Deathmatch 4! Uh, okay that was poorly worded but still a good fic. [Strong Content Warning] CB, D, ->--, E, K, @, _SW_

Celebrity Deathmatch 4!

Nicely written by Dyne! The fires are ignited once again as people from around the video game and real worlds lock blades and go for the kill! CB, ->--, E, @, _SW_

Celebrity Deathmatch Special Edition!

Jason's first fic for the site! Video game characters battle it out in a fight to the finish. By popular demand from- Anounymous Anounymous Anounymous and Bill Gates $$$.


Another one from Beverly! What would happen if you made anime and RPG people like each other fight each other? Only here!

Debut of Lord Zeta

Holy Lord Holocaust's first fic here. Our heroes are once again at war over the TV, but with a few FFT characters running crazy and my signature character dropping by, you can bet its not gonna be pretty!!

FF7 Christmas Party

A Present from Osiris. The FF7 Crew and others get in the spirit of the Holiday Season! [Content Warning / Language Warning]

FF7 Meets FFT: The Cactaur Battles [Part 2] [Part 3]

Number 6 in its series by Rofel. Several characters all live the show When Cactaurs Attack in the perfect example of exactly how much power the author can hold.

FF7 Meets FFT: The Erupting Volcano [Part 2] [Part 3]

Number four in Rofel's series. In an attempt to get the FFT characters back where they belong, Cloud and the rest implement another plan that of course won't work. [Good one for Link haters]

FF7 Meets FFT: Journey to Bervenia [Part 2] [Part 3]

Here's the 5th of the series from Rofel. After trying to get Worker 8 to cooperate the two crews basically waste their time (then again we're talking about Ramza again).

FF7 Meets FFT: The Spoiled Wedding [Part 2] [Part 3]

A mixed up fic by Rofel. In an attempt to revvie Aeris, Cloud somehow causes a space-time distortion that sends the FFT crew to HIS world. (The good news is he finally gets to marry Aeris, though).

FF7 Meets FFT: The Worst Honeymoon Ever [Part 2] [Part 3]

The sequel to the fic above by Rofel. Cloud and Aeris on their honeymoon, FFT characters running wild. That's all I'm going to say, you'll have to read it.

FF7 Meets FFT: The Zodiac Vacation [Part 2 [Part 3]

The 3rd in the series by Rofel and using the name, Chocobo. Cloud and the others are still trying to figure out exactly how to get the FFT characters back where they belong, but do they want to go?

FF7 Meets SSB

First Comedic fic by Osiris. AVALANCHE'S world and the Super Smash Bros worlds becomes one because of something both of them were doing. Will the planet ever be the same? [Content Warning]

FF7: Millenium Disaster

Here's a short, new one from Dave. I'll I'm saying is that the FF7 crew is readying themselve for Y2K, the rest is up to you. [Language Warning] (:), E, _SW_

FF7 on Pokemon Island

Another great one by Dave! FF7 crashes on the "hell on earth" but gives the Pokemon their just desserts! Ash Catchem is replaced by someone even worse though. (:), CB, ->--, @, _SW_

FF7 on Pokemon Island 2

The semi-long awaited sequel by Dave! Pikachu's back and with a vengeance. He has taken control of Saffron City and plans to rule the world by reairing Pokemon! Only AVALANCHE can stop him blah blah blah... [Strong language warning] (:), CB, ->--, @, _SW_

Final Fantasies

The next one from Rude. Michael Grant returns! But this time the cast of FF7 is trapped in a Grimm's fairy tale. What strange and unusual things will happen this time?

Fourth of July

A first fic from Beverly! The Fourth of July just isn't working out when Beverly invites the FF7 crew!(Featuring a fanfic character,Sailor Rainbow!)^_~

Nightmare at Gold Saucer

A twisted version of what happens when AVALANCHE gets the keystone. Cloud I know you'll love this one. Written by Dave. [STRONG CONTENT WARNING] (:), CB, ->--, _SW_

Nightmare at Gold Saucer 2: Ash Catchem Strikes Back!

The thrilling sequel by Dave! AVALANCHE returns to the Gold Saucer with even more guest stars than last time! [Strong content warning] (:), CB, ->--, _SW_

The Quest for Pringles

A typical (and good) funny fic by Valery Pinchuk. Sephiroth, Hojo, and Dr. Evil devise a plan to take over all of the Pringles factories on the planet and hold 'em for ransom. AVALANCHE, with the help of a new ally, set's out to stop 'em. _SW_

The RPG Deathmatches!
MSTed Version

One of Dyne's best fics! Characters from Final Fantasy, Breath of Fire, Lufia II, and more fight to the death! (Hosted by Dav Cole) CB, ->--, _SW_, E

Steve and Cait's Friend (The Dopey Duo)

Written By Osiris. AVALANCHE has been abucted and locked up. So now its up to Steve and Caits Friend to think of a way to get them out (this could take a while). _SW_

The Wacked Out Sports League Deathmatch titles!

Written by Watcher Prime! Yet another deathmatch fic with people some of the weirdest setups ever! [Contest Warning]

The WOSL Deathmatch title fight night 2!!!

Also written by Watcher Prime! See above.

WWE Blackballed

A fic written in 2000 by Karthesios. A massive group of RPG characters face off against the WWE superstars in a series of matches so absurd and so unlikely that the fabric of space may be obliterated...or at least the arena the matches are held in. [SOME LANGUAGE / MILD CONTENT WARNING / MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS OR ORIGINAL CHARACTERS]

The Saga by Dave and Dyne

The Drinking Game

A gift from Kebinu. How long can you last? Print it out and take the Drinking Game challenge for every part of the Saga!

The Day of Insanity

The prologue to the Saga, written by none other than Dave. AVALANCHE finally takes Cait Sith's friend (Tequila man!) to rehab but things ultimately backfire when Aeris gets a new boyfriend! (:), ->--, E, -K-, _SW_

Yuffie and the Gerudo Thieves

The first one, by Dave! Yuffie ditches the gang and takes Cait Sith with her! It's up to AVALANCHE, Dav Cole, and Link to defeat the Gerudo and save Cait! [Strong content warning] A, (:), CB, ".", ->--, E, -K-, _SW_

AVALANCHE vs. Sailor Moon
MiSTed Version

This is Dyne's greatest fic (according to a certain survey)! The AVALANCHE team discovers a plot in which a maniacal fiend is trying to take over the world with bad fanfics and the Sailor Scouts are supporting that person! Only AVALANCHE can prevent that from happening! [Strong Content Warning] A, D, ->--, -K-, E, _SW_

Nightmare at Gold Saucer 3: Frieza's Revenge!

A new project by Dave! To continue the saga that began with Yuffie and the Gerudo Thieves Dav Cole and his new wife invite the FF7 and Xenogears crews to the Gold Saucer. Will Bruce Willis appear again? (Bum bum bum!) [Strong language warning] (:), CB, E, ->--, -K-, _SW_

Villains Incorporated

Part 4, done by Dyne! What will the AVALANCHE team do while almost all of their enemies decide to team up against 'em? [Strong content warning] -K-, E, @, ->--, _SW_

Wild Wild Sith

Part 5, by Dave! The return of an old enemy may cause you readers to obtain a mild case of insanity, but I'm not going to say who it is, you'll have to read, find out, and laugh your own selves to death! MWHAHAHAHA!!! (:), -K-, _SW_, E

Ramza's Last Stand

Dyne pulls through again to crank out Part 6! So much is happening at the same time, so many characters, so many plot twists, and a couple bonus features you won't see in any other fic. -K-, E, _SW_

Final Fantasy VII

1 3/4

Cloud and Sephiroth swithcing bodies? It happens. By Cloud. Also see what FF7'd be like if they appeared of Jerry Springer! [Extreme content warning] (:), D, @

Barret vs. Cid!

A short, sweet, and unusual fic by Aeris Gainsborough. Cid and Barret challenge each other on who can go the longest without cussing! [Bets, anyone?] CB, @

Cait Sith's Big Break [Part2] [Part3]

By Dyne. Cait Sith wants to enter show biz, Cid is his agent. How do you think he'll do? ->--, _SW_

Cid's Birthday Party

A short one by Dyne. AVALANCHE realizes that Cid's birthday is around the corner and plan a surprise party. Question is, will it work out? ->--, E, @

FF7: Anarchy Rulez! [Part 2]

Another wrestling fic from Kasshan! Kevin and the NWO team up to take on all of the other pansy wrestlers. Not only that, but this has the two best announcers in the business. (:)

FF7 in Hawaii

By Dyne. The FF7 characters and Dav vacation in Hawaii with disasterous results! ->--, -K-, E, @, _SW_

FF7 in the WWF!

It's time to wrasstle! Dyne goes overboard on this one. These wrestling matches have some of the biggest twists you've ever seen! ->--, E, _SW_

FF7 Goes to $$ Vegas $$

Here's a new one from Cid! When Squaresoft gives FF7 a HUGE cash Bonus they all decide what to do with this bonus. ->--, _SW_

FF7 King of the Ring!

Another hilarious wrestling fic but this time it's by Kasshan! Ten matches, plenty of action, and even some guest characters! It's short but sweet!

FF7 on Jeopardy

Another one by Dyne. Dyne as Dave takes over hosting while Cloud, Cait and Cid start in the funniest episode of Jeopardy ever! But will they finish? A, CB, -K-, _SW_, E

FF7 on Jeopardy: The New Season

Only Kasshan would do something like this. Alex is gone and Michael takes over. Only in the new season, if something is completely wrong, the contestants have to face off with Kevin! (:)

FF7 Roadtrip!!!

Cloud pulls a Cid, so Aeris takes everyone on a vacation. One of the best ever! By Cloud and Cait. [STRONG language warning] (:), CB, E, @, _SW_

FF7: Royal Rumble [Part 2] [Part 3]

The lines for battle have been drawn in this sequel to FF7: King of the Ring by Kasshan. Cid, Cloud, and Barret have challenged Kevin, Dav, and a mystery man to a wrestling match. Who'll win?

FF7: Total Boredom

Another fic from Gabe Ricard that DOESN'T suck! It's once again Friday night at AVALANCHE, who's gonna die this time?

FF7: The (UN)official Outtakes Transcript

A fic from Karthesios. This collection of bleeps, bloopers and blunders could answer the question of why Final Fantasy VII was delayed in its North American Release! [Minor language, Spoiler alerts] _SW_

FF7 VS Disney [Part 2]

One by Cid that isn't a Cid + The Dukes. FF7 goes to Disney land... But there's an evil SICK and twisted plot by the park owners to destroy Squaresoft and FF7..., -K-

Fiesta Mix

Written by Crono! Red XIII's brand of dog food is unexpectedly changed and Red turns into a dog we all should know and love (or hate it's your opinion) @

Final Fantasy on the Dating Game

Another one by Rude. Michael Grant returns but this time he hosts that dating game where a contestant picks between three bachelors/bachelorettes. Can he put up with the FF7 characters again?

Final Fantasy Talk Show

An interesting one by Rude. Many FF7 guys are interviewed by a host named Michael Grant. He makes the mistake of getting them mad at him basically.

My Electronics Class and Cait Sith

Cait Sith goes to an electronics class! Written by Jim. [WARNING: Cait Sith lovers should not read this!]

The Materia Whore

Here's one from Cloud B. Yuffie has began to steal things (like she'd do anything else) from everyone in AVALANCHE and is now running around calling herself the "Materia Whore."

The Night Before Christmas - FF7 Style

One from Kebinu! The crew re-enacts (translation: BUTCHERS) the classic holiday story, 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. Be afraid. Be very afraid. (:)

Pimp Chat

Another one from Kasshan! The FF7 crew and Kevin are invited to another talk show, only this time things'll be more unpredictable.

The Quest for Donuts

Written by Aeris. After a theft by Yuffie, Aeris and Tifa must go on a holy quest, a quest for: DOUGHNUTS!

Real Tales of Final Fantasy 7

Here's the 3rd one from Rude! Mike goes in depth to find out exactly what the FF7 character have really been up too. He gets his answer sure enough. ->--

Sephiroth's B-Day!

An older one by Cloud that I should've put up earlier. Sephiroth wants a peaceful celebration of his birthday. Will Cloud let him? [Strong content warning] D, @

Shinra's Revenge?

Another really great one. A hilarious fic by Cloud. Palmer is temporarily in charge of Shinra and Tifa and Aeris settle their score with CREAMED-CORN WRESTLING!!! [Extreme Content Warning] (:), CB, D

Slim Sephy

The first one here by Kebinu. Sephiroth raps his own version of Eminem's "My Name Is..." and demonstrates that even a flagrantly white villian has MADDER RAP SKILLZ than Barret! [Content Warning]

The Summer Camp From Hell

If you'd read FF7 Roadtrip you'd have learned about the infamous Camp Ohmygodtheburgerbarked! This is where is first appears! By Cait Sith. [Strong language warning] D, E, @, _SW_

Weird Stuff

The latest offering from Cloud, Cait, and the new Kenolymeep! All hell breaks loose and the world transforms because Sephitorh makes the ultimate mistake in misusing an Instant Plot Device (Just add water!) [Not the original title, Strong Content Warning] (:), CB, D, ".", ->--, @

What If Tifa Killed Aeris Instead of Sephiroth

A short but sweet "What If" by Gabe Ricard detailing an event in FF7 that very well could have happened.

Final Fantasy IX

Even More Love Letter Insanity

The first FF9 fic here, by Kenji Kotaro. **FFIX SPOILERS** Takes place after FFIX, and there's more love letters that cause Chaos.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Tingels go Camping

The first FFT fic here, by Izlude. When Vormav and his crew discover a holy stone in the Sweegy Woods he disguiises it as a camping trip for his kids. Izlude'll never want to go again. [Spoiler alert]

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